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Local Targeted Display

Be known and loved by your ideal customers.

Remembered – not just noticed.

Customers often go through a very complex journey before they reach the decision to buy.

Your customers have likely been researching and reading online, seeing new brands through ads and then starting that research process again. Calling stores, looking at online stores, reading reviews… and the list goes on. But…there’s a pinnacle moment where your customer decides what they want to buy. So how do you influence them to buy from you? Local Targeted Display Ads – will repeatedly show to your customers in the moments that matter. So your business becomes that familiar face that shows up and smiles just at the exact moment that is needed to influence them to buy from you.

Local Targeted Display.

From $420/mth

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Ads that connect to the right people.

Search is just the tip of the iceberg on the internet.

The average person spends only 10mins a day on Google. But, we all know that the average person spends much more time than this online. So how do you reach people on ‘the rest of the internet’? Local Targeted Display ads are visually engaging, banner style ads that appear while people are using apps, watching videos or browsing online (while they are on the ‘rest of the internet’) and are still in the buying mindset. And the best bit? LTD uses advanced targeting to only show your ad to people who have shown interest or intent in your products or services.

Engaging Ads

Local Targeted Display ads are animated banner style ads. With any of our LTD packages, we provide this service for you. We can turn any flyer or design you like into a animated ad that will be noticed and remembered by your customers.

Advanced Targeting

The secret of Local Targeted Display is the targeting. From location targeting to geo-fencing (where a person can be targeted that has visited a physical location, such as, a place where you know your customers are likely to visit). We layer our targeting tactics to know the perfect audience to show your ad. This can be based on what people are searching for or reading online, where they have visited recently and where they live. What does this mean for you? Your ads are showing only to people that have shown interest in your products and services and are more likely to buy from you.

Please note: The targeting tactics available to you will depend on your chosen package.

Please speak to us us if you would like to know more.

Your business becomes known.

Your ideal customers will be changing from moment to moment

Local Targeted Display takes the guess work out of knowing who your ideal customers are – with advanced targeting techniques doing all the hard work for you. In a nutshell, Local Targeted Display makes sure your business is known by more people who are more likely to buy from you. And, as this group of customer changes month after month, your LTD campaign knows who to target next, so you stay top of mind to the right people – meaning more valued customers for your business.

Measure Your Success

Get access to an online reporting dashboard with live data 24/7.

To track the success of your campaign we focus on the total number of impressions (ad views) your LTD campaign achieved, combined with the actions taken by your potential customers. This can include clicks through to your website, enquiries about an advertised offering, store visits, online searches for your business name or local business presence.

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