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Generation Y

Meet Joshua

Recently graduated from university but still living the student life.

His social life is booming as he uses his new discretionary income from his first full time job to fund nights out, weekends away and taking up new hobbies.

When he’s not hosting house parties at his new share-house he’s travelling back to his parent’s house in his second hand souped up car for a home cooked meal.

Joshua lives in the moment and his happy-go-lucky attitude is reflected in his spending preferences; he’s willing to pay for things that matter to him, such as his TV and music streaming subscription service.

Joshua rarely carries cash, everything is digital, from taxis to cinema tickets his mobile is the point of purchase. Not only does he buy online but avidly shares what he buys; whether he posts, tweets or snaps he influences his online peer group with his purchase decisions.

Soon he’ll start saving to buy his first apartment, with a little help from mum and dad. For now though his major purchase considerations are more focused on entertainment, a new games console, concert tickets and a trip to Japan.

Born between 1981 to 1995

"I want the young professional lifestyle I see portrayed in the media."

Key Statistics

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Average household income


Read news last 7 days (print and/or digital)


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Don’t read metro newspapers

SOURCE: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 22 – Sep 23, P14+.