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Small Business Owner under 100 employees

Meet Susan

Looking for the next big thing.

Susan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It was tough to begin with but since recently turning fifty she feels like she has made it. It’s not been due to luck – she knows that every action has a consequence, every decision an upside and a downside.

Susan researches every purchase, buys in bulk and follows the best deals. This perseverance has paid off. Susan now has a high disposable income and is the go-to source for personal finance tips for her friends and family.

Susan works to ensure that her kids continue her legacy. She’s tracking down high schools with the highest ATAR average as she wants to give them the best start in life, even if it does mean sending them to boarding school.

Susan takes a keen interest in local politics and the local newspaper is her go-to source of information for any developments that could affect her business or any future opportunities.

Susan shops locally, she knows how tough it is for local businesses and a sense of community is important to her.

"I research all of my business decisions carefully."

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SOURCE: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 22 – Sep 23, P14+.