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Car Buyers

People intending to buy a vehicle in the next 12 months

Meet James

Ex-boyracer, now family-man.

20 years ago James would have bought a hotted up second hand car with alloy wheels and a spoiler. But now his tastes, and budget, have expanded. His better half is pushing for a safe ride for the little one, and a long-lasting warranty in case anything does happen. For James, space and seating options are now the number one priority – there’s no room for a booster seat in a coupe.

James prefers Japanese brands. He feels more confident buying popular car brands and is willing to pay more for comfort and drivability.

James knows how much he wants to spend on his new wheels and his purchase decisions are brand focused, he’d be willing to buy secondhand to get a better brand. But he’s flexible on the trimmings, willing to pay extra for roadside assistance or performance tyres, he’s less price sensitive for these necessities.

"You don't need a V8 for the school run."

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SOURCE: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 22 – Sep 23, P14+.