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Customised research solutions is ACM’s in-house research division specialising in media, communications and agriculture research.

The team have 24 years experience and collective knowledge of regional Australian issues. We support businesses and brands with everything from  reputation measurement and concept testing to brand health, survey design, retention and loyalty, ad tracking, analysis and reporting.

Leverage our cost effective insights to help drive your marketing strategy with ACM Chi2.

Consumer insight powered by Chi2

Click on the research studies below for valuable insight to support your marketing strategy.

Heartbeat of Australia

Insight into the sentiment, mindset and behaviours of Australian communities.

QARs Insight

Deep dive into Australian farmers and their relationship with media.

Newcastle Herald

National Audience

ConnectNow to 4.6 million Australians.

Explore Travel

Regional Australia’s trusted voice in travel.

Property Path to Purchase

The role of media in the property buying process.

Covid-19 Impact Study

The impact of Covid-19 and change in consumer behaviour.

Australia Towards 2031

The demographic, consumer and behavioural trends shaping the nation. McCrindle Research. Download

The Future 100

100 bitesize trends for the year ahead. Trends and change to watch. Wunderman Thompson. Download

Think News Brands Fact Pack

All the facts about news readership in Australia. Download

Digital News Report

Comparative study on the media usage across 46 countries and 6 continents. Download

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