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Single income no children or dual income no children

Meet Peter and Lisa

Enjoy the time, the freedom… and the disposable income.

A life without kids, enjoying the benefits of being able to focus on their careers and their lives minus family responsibilities.

They spend more on themselves. With more disposable income, they are able to indulge on more travel, more entertainment and more fashion.

They tend to be gregarious and social, spending a lot of time with likeminded friends, either going out or entertaining at home.

They always have an eye open for new events, activities and experiences.

"We value our lifestyle and aim to enjoy it to the fullest."

Key Statistics

Total Audience

Print Audience

Digital Audience



Average household income


Read news last 7 days (print and/or digital)


Used internet last 7 days


Don’t read metro newspapers

SOURCE: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 22 – Sep 23, P14+.