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Your regional marketing partner

Never before have regional markets been more crucial in marketing strategies as we experience unprecedented migration to regional Australia.  And never before have brands needed the most trusted and effective regional media partners.

Research has proven that ACM meaningfully connects with these high growth communities week in, week out. We encourage you to explore the different ways your brand can best leverage ACM’s community connection.

Client Solutions & Strategy

Our Client Solutions & Strategy team is dedicated to building impactful solutions to address brands’ unique marketing challenges.

CS&S is a team of highly skilled strategic thinkers passionate about developing a deep understanding of your business. With data informing everything we do, we take your brief and apply our robust process to build strategies to truly connect your brand to communities in the regions.

You might be looking to educate consumers about a new product, change the way they feel about your brand, or influence them to take a specific action – whatever your priority, ACM’s CS&S team will develop integrated cross-platform partnerships which connect you to a highly lucrative regional Australian audience.

Discover more with digital

ACM reaches 2.1 million Australians across our digital network of more than 100 brands. Of those only 9% consume our mastheads in print making our digital network a powerful solution to create incremental reach. Leverage our digital team to connect your brand with your most valuable customers anywhere, anytime.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Apr 22 – Mar 23, P14+ – ACM monthly audience. 

Take a look at some recent ACM success stories below.

Hawke’s Brewing Co.

Find untouched beer drinkers in new markets.

ACM partnership leveraging print drive double digit sales growth. View the results below.


Make MOSH a household name for men’s health.

ACM Digital created a bespoke campaign resulting in over half a million impressions and an above average click through rate. View the results below.


Lift brand consideration amongst SME’s.

ACM Story Central was engaged to produce a series of branded content articles that were amplified on social. View the results below.

Story Central

ACM’s commercial content studio Story Central is committed to crafting brand stories that resonate with audiences, evoke emotion and drive action.  How do we know what makes content effective? Because we are journalists; a team of 25 passionate storytellers across Australia who are professionally trained to create compelling content that meet the needs of a community, and your brand.  We can help you develop your full end to end content plan, including:

  • Content Strategy: Finding your story that needs to be told
  • Content Solution:  Bringing your story to life through various content and media executions
  • Content Production: How we tell your brand story
  • Content Amplification:  Ensuring we connect the right people with your story

Story Central allows your brand to leverage ACM’s trusted voice and do the storytelling for you. Check out our range of content solutions and examples below.


Footy great tackles hair growth.


New Woolworths Mayfield store.


Samsung’s new flagship series.

Patch and Purr

Bidding farewell to a furry friend.

Bendigo Tourism

Showcasing the best of Bendigo.

Compare & Connect

Take the stress out of moving house.


Non-melanoma skin cancer awareness.


Do we need unified Government services.

Binance Australia

What’s ahead for cryptocurrency.

Yara Australia

Crop nutrition in macadamias.

Muse Pilates Studios

The powerful movement discipline for health.


Five latest tech trends to shape 2023.


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