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Carbon neutral marketing solutions

The environmental impact of digital advertising is significant. Accurately account for and offset the carbon emissions from your campaigns with Index Exchange’s new Green Media Deals solution. Powered by Scope3.

How does the program work?

Certified carbon-neutral media measured by Scope3. The complete carbon footprint of a programmatic advertising campaign, including the supply chain, is tracked and reported on by Scope3. Contribute to a high-quality portfolio of carbon removal projects, taking out what advertising put into the environment.

A path to net-zero for publishers & buyers

Green Media Deals are an easy and quick way for advertisers and publishers to make progress towards their net zero commitments. Activate your deals with ACM and reduce the carbon impact of programmatic.

What type of project will this support?

Scope3’s portfolio consists of high-quality projects ranging from reforestation to direct air capture. 

Getting started
  1. Create a Private Auction, Preferred Deal or Guaranteed Deals.
  2. All inventories, channels and devices are available.
  3. All carbon emissions from your deal will be measured.
  4. Carbon emission reports are provided upon request at the end of a campaign.

Find out more

Get in touch with your ACM programmatic contact Robbie Gibbs (M: 0405 073 571, E: [email protected]) to learn more.