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Baby Boomers

Meet Martin and Mary

At the peak of their purchasing power.

For Martin, it was somewhat of a relief when the three kids finally left home, at last he can focus on buying that boat he’s always wanted, or maybe that new ride on lawn mower for their large suburban garden.

His wife Mary however, is missing the children. She is already planning trips around the country to visit their oldest in Brisbane, youngest in Sydney, with a stop off on the Gold Coast for some shopping and some time on the beach.

Martin and Mary prefer quality over quantity, this is reflected in everything from their holiday choices (scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef or that luxury cruise in Europe) to their kitchen utensils (deluxe gas powered barbecue).

Since the kids have left home they have the funds and the inclination to renovate the family home. They’re fond of entertaining family or friends for dinner, any excuse to show off the new decor!

They’re currently looking for a financial planner to manage their investments and an inheritance from their elderly parents to help finalise plans before their retirement.

Whether through Martin’s sailing club or Mary’s antique collectors society; both have large social networks and need to protect their reputations as the neighbourhood trend setters.

Born between 1946 to 1965

"Cars, boats, holidays… Now the kids are gone everything is back on the table."

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SOURCE: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 22 – Sep 23, P14+.