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Our real estate marketing strategies blend traditional channels with modern solutions to help drive property sale prices higher. Take a look below at effective ways to take your property marketing to the next level.

Market for success

Our dedicated team of property marketing specialists are here to help:
  • Build your Agency brand and increase awareness amongst the local community
  • Profile your agents as trusted advisors, someone a buyer can rely on
  • Increase engagement in your properties to position them as a home, not just a house
  • Celebrate your wins and tell your Agency’s story with thought-provoking content
  • Attract more listings

Build your brand

Promote your Agency to increase awareness and lay the foundation for trust and preference.

Here are three effective ways to build your brand;

  1. Position your Agency within the View print section of your community masthead, to drive awareness and leverage our trusted content.
  2. Target buyers across platforms to ensure your Agency is top of mind throughout the purchase journey.
  3. Target your audience dynamically with our suite of digital marketing products and align your messaging with the right buyer.

Raise your profile

Establishing your personal brand increases the likelihood you’ll be the preferred Agent. This approach will;
  • Boost your visibility – Highlight your skills, achievements and expertise.
  • Build credibility – Outlining your experience, successful sales results and client testimonials reinforces your capabilities.
  • Place you top of mind – A consistent presence will ensure your Agency is top of mind at that critical moment when clients are ready to make the move.
  • Expand your network – An expanded network can lead to valuable partnerships, referrals and new business opportunities.

Drive engagement

Cultivate an influential emotional link to enable buyers to envision your property as their future home. Increase the appeal by;
  1. Listing in your local news masthead and connect your properties with locals not actively searching online.
  2. Advertising across channels to increase the number of times potential buyers see your properties.
  3. Marketing to a wide range of people to increase your pool of prospective buyers. 
  4. Align your properties with trusted content and leverage the reputation of your local masthead.
  5. Detail the local area to demonstrate your knowledge of the community and position your homes as a desirable place to live. 

Beyond the portals

Did you know property intenders spend on average 32 hours a week online? But only a fraction of that time on the major property portals.

This represents a whole lot of missed opportunities to show off your properties.

Target audiences based on their online behaviour with our Acquire property marketing solution so when they go to a website other than a portal, they’ll see your ad there too. This will keep your property top of mind for those who have already seen it and introduce it to those who haven’t. 

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Tell your Agency story

Property content in reliable news environments increases engagement with your Agency and sets your brand apart as a reputable industry leader.

Our commercial content studio Story Central is committed to crafting brand and property stories that resonate with potential buyers, evoke emotion and drive action. 

We have a team of 25 passionate storytellers across Australia who create compelling content to effectively engage the reader with your Agency.

Increase listings

Here are some easy steps to help increase your listings to support your business growth:
  1. Credible channels – Leverage your local masthead trusted by the community to position you as a credible leader.
  2. Always on – Target potential buyers using sophisticated intention data when they are not actively searching on property portals.
  3. Integrated marketing – Connect your properties with your target audience wherever they are, minimise wastage and increase exposure.
  4. Storytelling – Use content to affirm why a vendor should list with your Agency.

ACM is your gateway to 412,527* property buyers.

Connect with our property marketing experts to align your Agency with a highly engaged audience.

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