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Tasmanian Travelways

Publication Days

  • fri

Material Delivery

Publication Day: Friday  Pre-Print: Yes  Size: Standard Tabloid

Print advertisements need to be supplied as a high res PDF to your account manager or via ACM AdDrop.

  • The AdDrop portal is a free service for all customers. All material will be processed through our preflighting workflow. An email notification will be sent confirming a successful upload or supply a report for unsuccessful material. Please ensure you have your Booking ID and height of advertisement to be able to upload your material.
  • Visit to find out more.

Booking Deadlines

Dec/Jan edition – October 15th
Feb/Mar edition – December 15th
Apr/May edition – February 15th
Jun/Jul edition – April 15th
Aug/Sep edition – June 15th
Oct/Nov edition – August 15th

Material Deadlines

Dec/Jan edition – November 5th
Feb/Mar edition – January 5th
Apr/May edition – March 5th
Jun/Jul edition – May 5th
Aug/Sep edition – July 5th
Oct/Nov edition – September 5th

Rebecca Szabo

Outbound Sales

0474 433 264 Email Rebecca Szabo