1st Aug 2022

ACM has embarked on a new national research study to capture the sentiment of Australians.

New study ACM Heartbeat of Australia has revealed that Metro Australians are more anxious, stressed and pessimistic compared to Regional Australians, who are happier, more hopeful, content and optimistic.

In partnership with the University of Canberra, ACM developed Heartbeat of Australia to obtain an in-depth picture of the sentiment of Australians; how they feel, what they’ve worried about, how they connect to their community and their relationship with local news and advertising.

ACM Managing Director Tony Kendall said, “This new study helps to understand how Australians are feeling and reconfirms our hypothesis that regional Australians are generally happier and more content than those living in capital cities.”

“We wanted to explore the key drivers of this disparity between geographic regions and the findings clearly show that feeling connected to your community is intrinsically linked to positive sentiment factors such as happiness and satisfaction with our personal lives,” Kendall said.

Kendall went on to say, “We are proud of the role ACM plays in keeping our communities strong, informed and connected and it’s reaffirming to see that readers of our trusted local news brands feel more strongly connected and engaged with their community, which has a direct correlation to overall wellbeing.”